Nomir Heading

Overview and History

Nomir is developing its Noveon® therapy for the treatment of multiple diseases. We have built a leadership position in published and patented science, relating to breakthrough therapeutic applications of optical energy.

Our novel, validated technology addresses large, unmet healthcare markets and drives multiple product opportunities in indications.

Nomir Medical was founded in by Eric Bornstein, DMD and David Blumenthal in 2002 and incorporated in Delaware in 2003. During the mid 1990s, Dr. Bornstein created the “targeted Biofilm Thermolysis” technology and then read the work of Keir C. Neuman, who had demonstrated that light wavelengths of 870 and 930 nanometers (nm) were detrimental in confocal microscopy to bacterial cells, without a thermal interaction. Recognizing that these wavelengths would be of great use in clinical practice, Dr. Bornstein proceeded to design the Noveon Laser System, selectively combining these energies for therapeutic use.



Since that time, Nomir has grown into an operating company, and multiple IRB approved Human Clinical Trials have been completed for the treatment of onychomycosis, MRSA infection in the Nares, and Periodontal disease.