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Jack Kay, President and CEO - Jack has served on the Nomir Medical Technologies Board of Directors for several years and came on board as President and CEO in early 2012. Jack brings extensive experience with all aspects of building and operating technology-based companies to the Nomir team. Prior to Nomir, he served as President and CEO of several other companies, including Scali, Axsun Technologies, Hotline Communications, and Phoenix Technologies. He has three advanced degrees, including a PhD in physical chemistry and an MBA. He has published research papers in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, Inorganic Chemistry, and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Alan H. Robbins, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Chairman of Medical Advisory Board - Dr. Robbins' distinguished 35-year medical career includes having been CEO of New England Baptist Hospital for 7 years and leading that institution to international pre-eminence for its orthopedic center-of-excellence, as well as recognition for his leadership in patient satisfaction and healthcare quality.  Prior to that time he served for over 15 years as Chairperson of the hospital's Radiology Department and was principal investigator of numerous clinical research projects.  He has authored more than 100 published articles and is a professor at Tufts University School of Medicine.  Dr. Robbins brings corporate leadership, clinical expertise, human clinical research experience, healthcare industry knowledge, and a unique strategic focus to Nomir's mission of optical bacteria elimination and tissue recovery.

Eric Bornstein, DMD, Chief Scientist and Board Chairman - With a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry, a Doctor of Dental Medicine, and the successful completion of a General Practice Residency program at the Maimonides Medical Center in NYC, Dr. Bornstein has used his scientific background as the foundation for his life's work in combating bacteria and bacterial infection.  From his early days at Tufts Dental School, and his surgically-based residency, Dr. Bornstein developed a substantial dental practice advancing periodontal care and oral surgery with laser energies.  By combining his clinical dentistry, biochemistry background, and deep understanding of photobiology, Dr Bornstein has used his inquisitive nature to pioneer many dental therapies, resulting in a novel FDA approval for a multinational laser corporation in January of 2005, five separate patent applications, and multiple critically acclaimed and peer-reviewed laser papers.  This work has resulted in new photonic and photodynamic therapies for infection and laser-biofilm elimination, some of which he has proven in his clinical practice.  Dr. Bornstein has published numerous peer-reviewed articles describing the photobiology of infrared laser energies currently used in the dental field, gained thought leader stature, and is a consultant to a global laser medical and dental laser manufacturer.   

John J. Wlassich, PhD, Vice President of Development - With 13 years of product development, EU and US regulatory compliance, and Good Clinical Practice experience with The Gillette Company, John brings a breadth of experience and accomplishments to lead Nomir's development programs.  John meets the needs of the business by aligning product development programs with other corporate functions; quality, regulatory, business management, market research, manufacturing, and R&D.  A graduate of MIT with a PhD in mechanical engineering, John advanced his skills by leading product research and development groups across nationalities and geographies that have contributed to the launch of global products with overwhelming consumer appeal.

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